• SHORA updated our not-for-profit incorporation, completed our first year of membership, Grew our community social presence (4 Facebook groups (600+), Community email list 400+

  • Steadily increased community engagement year over year (Held 13 events, and 6 draws in 2022).

  • Partnered with local business on events and draws and gave over $4000 worth of prizes in 2022.

  • ​Worked with all levels of government, developers, local businesses, and teamed with Ward 1 Ratepayers on events and community issues.                                              


The SHORA​ board had another successful year in 2022

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Archived News

Air Traffic (UPDATED JANURARY 15, 2018)

​​Brentano Stormwater Management Pond (UPDATED NOVEMBER 3, 2019)

City Wildlife - Coyotes  (UPDATED DECEMBER 18, 2019)

Laughton Heights Park Opening (UPDATED MAY 5, 2017)

Laughton Heights Park - Playground Replacement  (UPDATED NOVEMBER 4, 2019)

Loreland Avenue - Public Works Yard (UPDATED OCTOBER 5, 2019)