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2101 Dixie Road -Daycare

Hi Sherway, I'm the communications director for SHORA, your neighbourhood association.  This is a statement from the SHORA Executive Team regarding 2101 Dixie road's variance application for a daycare:

SHORA has discussed this issue thoroughly and is in direct communication with Councillor Dasko regarding this daycare application at 2101 Dixie road.  The issue at hand is traffic, pure and simple.  We understand that there is a traffic study commencing to assess the traffic feasibility of this daycare location and will take a week or so to complete by the region.  It was discussed with the Councillor the traffic issues we are already currently experiencing at the intersection, the future issues that will be caused at this Sherway Drive exit with the Brentano road exit eventually closing, and the absolute havoc and safety concern that a daycare location will inflict with the additional traffic dropping off and picking up approximately 50 kids per day.  This is all on top of our existing neighbourhood traffic which includes the ISNA Elementary pickup and drop off traffic.  Councillor Stephen Dasko is engaged, knows our area very well, and shared the exact same concerns.

This is a process, and it's a bit of a "hurry up and wait" situation while the run up to the Committee of adjustment meeting happens.  If you are concerned about this,please attend the meeting on Dec 5th 1:30pm at City Hall and make your concerns public alongside SHORA.  We need a show of support to go along with our points, and multiple parties explaining the traffic issue at hand to the committee of adjustments.

It is important to note that Councillor Dasko was aware of the situation and was already engaging the appropriate city staff.  We couldn't ask for a more supportive ally here.  Stay tuned, we will update as things progress, and more details come to light.


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