Loreland Avenue - Public Works Yard

Updated: October 5th, 2016

The City of Mississauga is planning on creating a Municipal Works Yard at, 2385 Loreland Avenue.  This location is adjacent to our neighbourhood on the north side of The Queensway.

Concerns have been brought forward regarding volume & frequency of city truck traffic between the hours of 6pm & 6am. As well as environmental concerns with having a Municipal Works Yard in close proximity to the Etobicoke Creek.

Information regarding previous meetings & decisions can be found in this article by The Mississauga News.

At present the decision on the Municipal Works Yard has been deferred until a full city assessment on the Loreland property can be completed and alternative sites have been identified and studied.

The Map to the right, shows the

approximate location of the proposed

Municipal Works Yard.

 Archived News