​​​​Board of Directors 2017-2018

President   -   Ryan Enright

Vice President   -   Jamie Pugh

Secretary   -   Ami Matesic

Treasurer   -   Adam Fenech


Director of Air Traffic - Jeanette Diehl

Director of Communications   -   Emily Enright

Director of Environment   -   Angela Pye

Director of Infrastructure   -   Liz Francisco

Director of Newsletters - Zoe Steele

Director of Recreation   -   Mike Peddle

Director of Revenue  -   Zoe Steele

Director of Stormwater Management   -   Jamie Pugh

Director at Large   -   Julia Formosa

Director at Large   -   Anna Imrichova

Director at Large   -   Grace Manicone

Director at Large   -   Mary Kurychak

Director of Schools - Ami Matesic

Director of Social Media  -  Vacant

About Us

Sherway Homeowner's & Recreation Association