Sherway Homeowner's & Recreation Association


Brentano Stormwater Management Pond

Updated: May 16th, 2017

A Stormwater Management Pond (SWMP) at the intersection of Brentano Road & Laughton Avenue has been planned as part of upcoming improvements to the QEW/Dixie corridor. 

Details on the plan can be found on the QEW Improvements Website; created by MMM GROUP. Page 13 of the TESR Executive summary shows the proposed SWMP.

Due to inadequate consultation on the SWMP, the community of Sherway along with Charles Sousa MPP, demanded an information session regarding the project with MMM GROUP & MTO.

The meeting was held on June 15th 2016. Details regarding the meeting can be found in this Mississauga News article.

Since the community meeting with Charles Sousa MPP, Councilor Jim Tovey and MTO representatives, SHORA learned that MTO is proceeding with the detailed design phases of the QEW improvements. This includes the reconfiguration of the Dixie Road Interchange, except in regards to the proposed Stormwater Management Ponds.

Thanks to the efforts of many Sherway residents, MTO has deferred proceeding with the detail design phase of the Brentano SWMP until additional preliminary design investigations on SWMP locations have been completed.

Following the June 2016 meeting, MTO working together with local politicians have shown a real commitment to work with Sherway and address our concerns.
SHORA has had a seat at the table for several meetings representing our SWMP concerns and to discuss and review alternative SWMP locations.

On October 5th, 2016; MTO released an official statement regarding the Stormwater Management Pond. Click here to view the official statement.

Recently MTO has developed an alternative SWMP location and needs to consult with the Ministry of Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) Minister, as stormwater requirements originate from MOECC and these agencies have a formal review process.

The timing on our next steps is difficult to predict as we are dealing with multiple government agencies, and their processes; but we do understand that an alternative location will have to cross the MOECC Minister's desk before being considered and approved.

SHORA will remain in constant contact with local governments and politicians to push our agenda and come to a mutually satisfactory result on this issue.